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Pulling the MASK-cara out of your eyes!

            If you are like me, you have tried everything in your power to have your lashes look like those in the commercials. Voluminous, thick, healthy lashes..(sigh)… I mean I’ve tried all the trick of the trade, except for Latisse, for those who are not obsessed with lashes , or simply don’t own a TV, Latisse is a prescribed serum for your lashes, which claims to make your lashes grow stronger and longer after a few applications. I’m still convinced that one day, there will be reports of people having sagging, leaky eyes with an “Afro” for eyelashes. not so HOT!! Below is my long-long journey to finding the perfect mascara for that thick -long look we all long pun intended, as well as my top 3 mascara picks, in hopes that you’ll never go broke finding the best one for your lashes.

My ears were always open about mascara talk, my pockets suffered due to this habit, but I had to try them,try them all, and try them all I DID. Always hopeful, this one, this time was going to be “THE ONE”. Just like a bad relationship, it always left me feeling broke and wanting more . but I ALWAYS hit what i call the “Mascara Plateau”, now let me describe what I mean when I say mascara plateau, AKA the mascara honeymoon stage. its that approximately 2 week period from when you first buy your new mascara till when you realize it does not do the same thing as it did when you first bought it.. For example, you know when you bought that dress and it look so amazing at the store with that skinny mirror? then you take it home and you see your muffin top raising up to your chest making you have cyclops boobies?? Yes…. that!! Your lashes looked amazing in front of that tiny little round mirror at Barnes, you payed $45, like it was nothing, convinced this is IT, you found it!! nothing else matters, its finally here, that amazing new designer label makes it even better, your lashes are long and nothing cant stop them, you feel invincible, you feel HOT! but not for long, 2 weeks later your back to square one, your lashes have plateaued, they are short and stubby and that new wonderful mascara you paid so much money for failed you again. You still wear it, cause shoot, maybe this time, it will go back to the honeymoon stage, they will look fabulous again, you know it, this time, it wont happen again, I’m just hitting a mascara bump, now anytime now, it will be back to that 2 weeks ago feel and look.. But nope.. you’ve done it again, this was “THE one”, I mean you still pull it out because it does say DIOR or Chanel..there … I said it, DON’T let the designer names fool you .. Can Chanel make a mean suit?? Yes!!! a fierce mascara? um mm???..NOT SO MUCH!

Here is my TOP 3 MUST have mascaras.

1. Too Faced SIZE Queen Mascara: Its Supersized/Chunky brush is the secret weapon of this amazing product.  This  convenient sized brush helps you get all of the stubborn little lashes that never make it get the curl you always wanted! It also last for hours without getting those pesky little black dots on you eyes circles, giving you the “raccoon eye” effect after a few hours of wear. Use just a touch on your bottom lashes to open up your eyes and get that big eye/lash effect that makes you look like you just left a the run-way!  Retails for About $18

2. By Terry Mascara Terrybly Growth Booster Mascara, #3: I chose this mascara as one of my favorites for several reason. Notice how I marked #3 as my favorite due to its bold blue color. if you want to play it safe go for #1 , which is the plain black, but the reason why you should use the blue is because it can make any eye color get that out of the ordinary look.  This product is the first mascara to be enriched with Lumicoat Care technology for amazing more volume that definitely shows. Not only did my stubborn little eyelashes looked plumped and longer, but it gave my face that little touch of something without doing much. Its just the right amount of color and boldness to stand out but nor for the wrong reason. This products its worth its weight in gold. Retails for about $46.

3.BENEFIT-They’re Real Mascara#: The reason I love this product is also for its rubbery brush, if you see the picture above, the brush it smartly  manufactured  to not only lift your lashes and give you the illusion of long lashes but it helps you separate each lash to avoid “tarantula eyes”.  This mascara will also last you for hours without smudging. Retails for about $22.

Now remember my secrets are just for shhhh, and share with only those you like ..wink-wink.


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